Super 100™

To mark Australia's only fishing line manufacturer's 100th year in business, Platypus released Super 100™, ultra high tenacity fishing line.

Platypus Super 100™ has been crafted using a new process, allowing an outer skin to be toughened while the core remains supple and flexible. An advanced coating is also applied to the line for added abrasion resistance.

Platypus Super 100™ is fast gaining a reputation as the only choice for serious anglers, both as mainline and as tippet. Platypus has spent many years perfecting the resin blend and fine tuning their production methods to bring Super 100™ to you. 

It took all of our 100 years of experience to craft this superb fishing line. It makes me proud to be producing such a world class product right here in Australia.

Don McPherson Third generation fishing line manufacturer


Advantages of Platypus Super 100™ 

  • Super 100™ has the thinnest diameter

  • Thin diameter runs lures deeper and improves bait presentation

  • Excellent clarity, minimum visibility

  • 100% Australian made, owned and operated

Technical details


Super 100™ is a multi-polymer nylon monofilament


UV inhibitors, heat stabilisers and anti abrasion coating

Breaking strains

4 lb (0.15mm),
6 lb (0.19mm),
8 lb (0.21mm),
10 lb (0.24mm),
12 lb (0.26mm),
15 lb (0.29mm),
20 lb (0.33mm),
25 lb (0.38mm),
30 lb (0.43mm),
40 lb (0.49mm) and
50 lb (0.60mm)


Super 100™ is available in 300m or 500m spools


Available in clear and freshwater brown