Stealth Leader™

Platypus Stealth Leader™ is a Fluorocarbon line designed and manufactured to exact specifications to get the lure or bait down to the strike zone quicker.

Platypus Stealth Leader™ is made using 100% Fluorocarbon. Fluorocarbon production is quite hazardous to workers unless extensive modifications are made to the extrusion equipment and factory, including venting and filtration systems to remove the toxic vapors produced during manufacture.

It is because of these health concerns that we have elected to source our 100% Fluorocarbon from Japan.

Manufactured in Japan to our exact specifications, this advanced Fluorocarbon line maintains excellent knot and impact strength unlike many other Fluorocarbons on the market today. 

Advantages of Platypus Stealth Leader™

  • Quicker sink rate, to get the lure or bait down to the strike zone quicker than regular nylon lines
  • Higher refractive index, this means that the line is far less visible in the water when compared to nylon lines
  • Does not absorb water which can weaken regular nylon lines
  • excellent knot strength unlike some fluorocarbon lines

Technical details


Platypus Stealth Leader™ is made using 100% Fluorocarbon


UV inhibitors and heat stabilisers

Breaking strains

2 lb (0.14mm),
4 lb (0.18mm),
6 lb (0.22mm),
8 lb (0.25mm),
10 lb (0.31mm),
15 lb (0.35mm),
20 lb (0.40mm),
30 lb (0.45mm) and
45 lb (0.60mm)


Platypus Stealth Leader™ is available in our new convenient pack from 2 - 45 lb in 100m lengths