Super-Braid is useful when lurecasting and trolling for fish as the low stretch allows quick reaction to catch that fish. 

Super-Braid's fine diameter allows you to work lures deeper with less water resistance. Four time stronger than steel and unaffected by sunshine or heat. Find out more about Super-Braid

Platinum is a great all purpose line, priced well while still offering excellent fine diameter and strength. Our most popular line for all fishing situations. Find out more about Platinum

Lo-Stretch is our newest and most revolutionary monofilament, manufactured to eliminate as much stretch as possible. This is the monofilament that is closest to Super-Braid's sensitivity. 

Lo-Stretch has a fine diameter, yet is tough enough to handle most situations. We recommend that first time fishos use a different line (such as Platinum) as lower stretch can increase pulled hooks and lost fish when you are starting out.

Lo-Stretch is IGFA rated. Find out more about Lo-Stretch

Hard Alloy is a leader made with special blends of nylons to maximise abrasion resistance. One of the first leaders to be manufactured matte rather than gloss to eliminate glint from sunshine which can spook fish. Find out more about Hard Alloy