Pre-Test Braid™

When Platypus Pre-test was released in 1978, we were surprised how quickly it became accepted as the world’s first choice in IGFA class monofilament line. 

Now we are proud to introduce Platypus Pre-Test Braid, our IGFA class braid. The same attention to detail and rigorous testing have been applied to Platypus Pre-Test Braid ensuring that the braid will break as close as possible (without overtesting) to the stated IGFA class. Every batch of the braid has been tested at manufacture with additional tests throughout the spooling process.

We have constructed the braid to be ultra smooth and extremely soft, allowing longer more accurate casts, this braid just zings through the guides of your rod.

Platypus Pre-Test Braid’s ultra thin diameter assures that you will fit more line on your reel, cast further and catch more fish. We recommend that you use Platypus Stealth Leader or Platypus Hard Alloy as leader when fishing with Platypus Pre-Test Braid.

Platypus is now using the well known Australian made logo to increase consumer awareness of our Australian heritage. Still manufactured in Brisbane and family owned, we have over 110 years of line making experience to keep us at the forefront of line technology.

Precise Strength - Computer monitored braiding achieves an ultra tight weave of 100% Ultra High Molecular Weight PE gelspun fibres, stronger than steel.

Ultimate Confidence - Each batch is tested to ensure conformity to IGFA specifications.

Ultimate Sensitivity - 100% Ultra High Molecular Weight PE fibres with engineered with near zero stretch creates sensitivity that monofilament can't match.

Advantages of Platypus Pre-test Braid™

  • Platypus Pre-Test Braid™ is IGFA class and will break under the stated breaking strain 
  • Tighly woven, incredibly thin and silky soft 
  • Will not fade 
  • 100% Australian made, owned and operated

Technical details


Platypus Pre-Test Braid™ is a braid made from 100% Ultra High Molecular Weight PE fibres.

Breaking strains

6 kg (0.09mm PE 0.3),
8 kg (0.128mm PE 0.6),
10kg (0.165mm PE 1),
15 kg (0.217mm PE 1.7),
24 kg (0.26mm PE 2.5 ),
37 kg (0.33mm PE 4 ) and
60 kg (0.62mm PE 14 )


Platypus Pretest-Braid™ is available in 150yd, 300yd, 500yd or 1000m spools


Available in natural white