Platinum Braid™

The brief was simple - produce a locally made, smooth and strong braid at an affordable price.

Platinum Braid uses a Silicon impregnated coating to enhance the smooth construction of the line. The smoother feel equates to quieter casting through the guides and longer more accurate casts. The coating reduces wind knots and increases abrasion resistance and knot strength. Our experience with braiding (which dated back to our beginnings in 1898) has allowed us to build a braid with a smooth feel without compromising tensile or knot strength.

We only use 100% Ultra High Molecular Weight PE gelspun fibres in Platinum Braid. With everything you expect from a quality braid; high strength, small diameter and near zero elongation without the expensive price tag!

Made right here in Australia by family owned and operated Platypus lines, we have made Platinum Braid for the fisho that needs an all round Braid at a price that won’t break the bank.

Finally a braid is here that has combined affordability and reliability.

Platypus is now using the well known Australian made logo to increase consumer awareness of our Australian heritage. Still manufactured in Brisbane and family owned, we have over 110 years of line making experience to keep us at the forefront of line technology.

Precise Strength - Computer monitored braiding achieves an smooth weave of 100% Ultra High Molecular Weight PE gelspun fibres, stronger than steel.

Silicon Coating - Super slick silicon coating for quieter, longer and more accurate casts.

Ultimate Sensitivity - 100% Ultra High Molecular Weight PE fibres with engineered with near zero stretch creates sensitivity that monofilament can't match.

Advantages of Platypus Platinum-Braid™

  • Super Slick Silicon Coating 
  • Smooth Construction, won't cut guides or dig in on reels 
  • Ultra sensitive for improved hook ups 
  • 100% Australian made, owned and operated

Technical details


Platypus Platinum-Braid™ is a braid made from 100% Ultra High Molecular Weight PE fibres.

Breaking strains

5 lb (0.148mm PE 0.8),
10 lb (0.185mm PE 1.2),
15 lb (0.217mm PE 1.7),
20 lb (0.235mm PE 2 ),
30 lb (0.285mm PE 3 )
50 lb (0.37mm PE 5 ) and
80 lb (0.47mm PE 8)


Platypus Platinum-Braid™ is available in 125yd or 300yd spools


Available in Gun Metal Grey, new High Vis Yellow or Natural White