Give yourself every advantage

Give yourself every advantage when you're trying to land that fish with these helpful hints and useful tips from Platypus fishing lines. 

Check your drag

Many strong fish have snapped good line because of drags being set too tight.

Try and set the drag at about half the breaking strain of the line. If you are using Platypus Super-Braid set the drag even lighter than with monofilament. 

Check your reel and rod line guides regularly

Check your reel and rod line guides regularly, as ceramic guides can sometimes chip or crack, leaving razor sharp edges.

Check the guides by running a piece of nylon stocking across the surface. Any rough spots that need attention will catch the stocking threads. 

Keep our waterways clean 

Always dispose of used line responsibly, never discard line in the ocean or waterways. 

Check that knots are well tied 

Always ensure that knots are well tied, when pulling the knot tight do it slowly and lubricate the knot with a bit of saliva. 

Safeguard fishing forever - only take what you need

Make sure that you are aware of bag limits and legal sizes of fish, never take undersize or more fish than you need.

This way we'll preserve our fish stocks and you'll be helping to guarantee that there are fish for future generations of fishers. 

Extend your equipment's lifespan 

Always wash you rods and reels after returning home, this will increase the lifespan of your equipment. 

Store your equipment out of the sun 

Never store nylon fishing line in direct sunlight or in temperatures over 35°C. Even though all Platypus lines have UV and heat stabilisers added, your line will last longer if stored correctly. 

Always use the lightest line you can for the fish you want 

You will catch more fish by using a lighter (thinner) line, so use the lightest line possible for your fishing. 

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