Super-Braid is useful when lurecasting and trolling for fish as the low stretch allows quick reaction to catch that fish. 

Super-Braid's fine diameter allows you to work lures deeper with less water resistance. Four time stronger than steel and unaffected by sunshine or heat. Find out more about Super-Braid

Super-100 is the line when you need a fine diameter to catch those spooky fish. Super-100's fine diameter allows your lure or bait to be worked deeper with a more life-like presentation as there is less interference than a thicker line. Find out more about Super-100

Classic is our most affordable line, tough, strong and with excellent knot strength. Available in green, blue or brown to suit your fishing water colour best. Find out more about Classic

Stealth Leader is our Fluorocarbon leader, with the quicker sink rate, invisibility and toughness which is sometimes hard to find in Fluorocarbon.

Fluorocarbon has a refractive index which is closer to water than normal nylons, which some anglers believes make the line more invisible than regular nylon monofilaments. Available in 100m packs at an affordable price. Find out more about Stealth Leader