Bionic Braid came about through collaboration between Don McPherson and Rod Harrison.

They saw short comings in existing braided and fused  gel spun lines and set out to make a superline that was both superior and distinctive.

As world travelled anglers theirs was a distinct advantage over the industrial/business in manufacture and marketing. They did their own field testing.

Don’s formula was to use eight strand carrier. The industry standards are four or five. The broader the denier of the raw yarn the less it costs. An eight pik weave provided  a round cross section that retained shape and provided vastly improved handling and wear qualities.

A serendipitous consequence was a cushion provided by the concertina effect of the weave. An incredible 8% stretch - where other brands were citing zero.

Bionic Braid’s unique “triple 8” formula translates into higher impact and knot strengths in a line that simply outlasts and outcasts. 

Carrier: an industry term that refers to the number of strands in a braided line.
Pik: another industry term meaning the tightness of the weave.

Bionic Braid will return satisfactory results with a wide range of fishing knots.

Due to problems encountered by ALL get spun lines – the indefinite slippage of knots and the critical radius of the raw yarn, no matter how treated – knot strengths can range between 50 % and 70% of the line’s unknotted tensile strength.

These tips will hold you in good stead-
   • Where possible tie knots with the
      Bionic Braid doubled.
   • Increase the numbers of wraps to twice
      those used for mono.

Bionic Specs

Colours hi-viz pink and camo grey

Lengths 150, 300, 500 yard spools

Size     diameter             

20 lb    PE2 0.235mm

30 lb    PE4 0.32mm

50 lb    PE5 0.38mm