Bimini Twist

Secure short doubles or end loops easily

Short doubles or end loops like those used in sport and fly fishing, are easily secured with a Bimini Twist which retains the full breaking strain of monofilament and most other lines.

Several ways of tying a Bimini Twist have evolved. The method shown here, with the rod placed firmly in a rod holder, is easiest to master and should enable the angler to graduate, more easily, to hand-tensioned Biminis later on.



Step 1.

(a).Thread your line through your line guides of tour rod and place your rod securely in a rod holder with your rod in strike position. 

(b).Tie a small loop in the end of your line, then cut it off and put it aside. This is to act as a pull-through to finish off the Bimini later on.


Step 2.

Make a loop at the end of your line and roll your line in at least 20 twists. In this drawing, the twists are made in a clockwise direction.


Step 3.

Place the loop you have just formed over your foot.



(a).Keeping the maximum tension on your line that your drag setting allows, compress the twists tightly together. 

(b).Fold the tag back so that it will spiral back over the twists as you increase tension with your right hand.



(a).Shown is the tag spiraling back over your twists. 

(b).Shown is this effect in close up.



Allow the tag to spiral right up to the crotch in the double and insert the short loop made at Step 1(b) as a pull-through.



(a).Over-bind the pull-through three or four times, taking care to continue (in this case) anti-clockwise, then thread the tag through the loop in the pull-through. 

(b).Shown is the step in close-up.



Extract the pull-through taking the tag back through the last few wraps.



(a).Pull gently, but firmly, on the tag and rotate the bimini (anti-clockwise) until several twists form in the loop. Don't pull too hard on the tag because you may shear it off and have to retie the whole thing again. 

(b).Trim the tag and the Bimini is finished.


Knots kindly supplied from Geoff Wilson's Complete Book of Knots & Rigs - available from