Platypus fishing lines - Australia's strongest since 1898

Platypus Fishing Line: Australia's strongest fishing line since 1898

Fishing Line Lo-Stretch™

Platypus Lo-Stretch™ is a monofilament that has such low stretch it thinks it's a braid.

The advantage of braid is the incredible sensitivity you get from near zero stretch; Platypus Lo-Stretch™ has the lowest stretch possible from a monofilament. By captialising on new raw material blends and state of the art manufacturing processes we are able to bring you this exceptional line.

Much has been written about the advantages of Braid and most of it is true, but we often forget that monofilament has its place in fishing as well.

Some points to consider:

Some stretch is good, braid has almost no stretch which makes the line incredibly sensitive, but can result in pulled hooks and lost fish. Platypus Lo-Stretch™ gives you the best of both worlds - enough stretch to allow a slight shock absorbing quality with minimum stretch for maximum sensitivity.

This line makes it possible to control the fish when I need to, very reliable line!
Mr Ishikawa Motchan Respected Japanese Seabass angler

All braided lines have worse knot strength than monofilament, and knots for braids typically require more turns and wraps than regular knots. Good knots tied with Platypus Lo-Stretch™ give 100% knot strength, excellent knots tied in braid give 85% knot strength.

Platypus Lo-Stretch™ is more cost effective than Braid, roughly one third the price of Braid.

Advantages of Platypus Lo-Stretch™

  • Lo-Stretch™ is thinner than most monofilaments
  • Constructed using an exclusive three-layer process
  • IGFA class
  • Low stretch for added sensitivity and improved lure action
  • 100% Australian made, owned and operated

Technical details


Lo-Stretch™ is a three-layer co-polymer nylon monofilament


Ultraviolet inhibitors and heat stabilisers

Breaking strains

Lo-Stretch™ is available in 3Kg (0.21 mm), 4Kg (0.23 mm), 6Kg (0.28 mm), 8Kg (0.32 mm), 10Kg (0.37 mm), 15Kg (0.45 mm) , 24Kg (0.60 mm) and 37Kg (0.77 mm).


Lo-Stretch™ is available in 300m, 500m or 1200m spools


Available in Pink, Steel Blue or new ultra-visible Orange (37Kg not available in Pink)

Selected photographs courtesy of Dean Butler Fish Pix